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My Story

Curiosity to Creation

The Metalmark was founded in 2011 by me, Amy Leggett. I chose The Metalmark name because I wanted something people could remember me by which is my love for nature (a metalmark is a type of butterfly) and finding random shiny objects (made of metal mostly). As long as I could remember I had always loved inventing and collecting metal objects or shiny things I would find on the ground or at small antique stores. I still have many of the items I collected over the years tucked away in a box somewhere. I was amazed to find I could take these metal or shiny things and put them together to form something meaningful, so I started making jewelry with them. I would go to concerts and would bring my creations along to sell to the people waiting outside. I sold a good deal of my handcrafted jewelry and realized people really thought my creations were just as beautiful, unique, and meaningful to them as well. It deeply changed me and those moments revealed to me that this is what I was meant to be doing. Over the years, I have developed several jewelry techniques from beadwork to wirework to silversmithing. Eventually, I became a maker of many things, including soap so you can find those here too! My main focus is chain maille jewelry, but I would eventually like to introduce more and more of my other handcrafted items that I think you might enjoy. My hope is that you will have no trouble finding something here that you find beautiful and just as meaningful to you and your loved ones.

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