What is the difference between solid gold, gold filled, and gold plated?

Solid gold rings are just that, rings made completely out of gold. However, solid gold is very soft and very expensive, so Amy will only work with that upon special request with a deposit.

Gold filled rings are made from a solid gold tube that is permanently bonded to a brass wire. Gold filled rings are at least 5% gold by weight of the ring and are very durable - you get the strength of brass and the shine of gold - and a fraction of the cost of solid gold. Because the gold is permanently bonded to the brass, you can expect the gold to last forever and not wear or chip away.

Gold plated is a process of coating a base metal with gold. This coating is very thin and because it's not permanently bonded to the base metal, can easily chip off or wear away. Gold plating is cheaper in cost that gold filled, but is much less durable as well. Because of its lack of durability, Amy does not work with gold plated rings.